Electric Submersible Drainage Pump

G - 500 SERIES (HIGH HEAD) Features
  • The pumps are portable & are intended to be used for pumping of water from :
    • Construction sites
    • Trenches
    • Mines
    • Power station
    • Water supply
    • Tunnels
    • Open sumps
    • Flooded Cellar
    • Shipyards & ships
    • Public utility works
    • Fire fighting
Model G-506 T
Outlet : 3" Hose (Flange / Bspt Optinal)(Low Volume - High Head)
Model G-536 T
Outlet : 3" Hose (Flange / Bspt Optinal)(Low Volume - High Head)
Model G-556 T
Outlet : 4" Hose (Flange / Bspt Optinal)(Low Volume - High Head)
Also available : 1.5 HP to 35 HP
G - 500 (High Head) Design Advantages
  • Built-in automatic ON/OFF/ON thermal switches to protect the motor.
  • Motor is in dry winding, leading to:
    • Better efficiency/lower power consumption.
    • Light weight/compact design, giving better portability.
    • Better temperature rise characteristics.
  • Centrifugal cast outer casing giving superior aesthetics/high tensil strength.
  • Pum can be operated in fully or partially submerged conditions.
  • Twin seals in tandem of TC / TC in wholly enclosed pressure compensated oil chamber.
  • Field adjustable Nitrile Rubber-lined Diffuser / Wear Plate to optimize the efficiency throughout the life of the pump.
  • SS 431 shaft for high tensile strength and better magnetic properties.
  • SS 410 (ASTMA217 Gr CA15) hardened impeller for abrasive applications.
  • SS 304 (ASTMA351 Gr CF8) Impeller for sea water/corrosive applications.
  • SS 304 hardware for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Can be equipped with sacrificial Zinc Anodes for maximum life in a saline environment as well as an in-built non return valve or water level controller (optional).

  • The pump can also be supplied in complete Stainless Steel construction (except elastomeric parts) on request.
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